Looking for local holiday gifts? NNY farmers produce everything from honey (photo: Jefferson County honey producer Kathy Finnerty) and cheese curd to maple treats and more. . .

Looking for local holiday gifts? NNY farmers produce honey (photo: beekeeper Kathy Finnerty),  cheese curd, maple treats and more.

Evergreen View Christmas Tree Farm; photo: Melissa Spence

Evergreen View Christmas Tree Farm; photo: Melissa Spence

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Meet Beekeeper Kathy Finnerty

Meet The Farmers: Evergreen View Christmas Tree Farm

Immature and Frosted Corn Silage Considerations

Managing Rural Noise, Dust and Odors

Sheep and Goat Winter Feeding Tips

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Snapshot of the 6-county NNY agricultural industry:

  • Nearly 1.17 million acres of land in agricultural production
  • Farmers operating more than 4,300 farms
  • Farm products with a market value that exceeds $752 million
  • NNY farm employee payroll adding more than $67.1 million to local economy
  • A steadily growing local foods industry with fresh and value-added products
  • More than 700 farms selling direct to consumers
  • Land resources to support steady growth of the maple industry
  • A burgeoning cold-hardy grapes industry with full-fledged winery regions in the Champlain Valley and St. Lawrence Seaway.
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Agricultural education is well-represented throughout the NNY region. In addition to the six Cornell Cooperative Extension associations providing technical assistance and outreach, there are :

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