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Heat exchanger of modes in Chinese operatic music of spiral

The heat exchanger of spiral modes in Chinese operatic music is a kind of high-efficient heat transmission equipment, applicable vapour - vapour, vapour - liquid, the liquid- liquid, conduct heat to the liquid . It is suitable for trades such as chemistry , petroleum , solvent , medicine , food , light industry , textile , metallurgy , rolled steel , coking ,etc..

Change the hot area nominally Interval of the passway Steel of carbon Stainless steel
The board is thick
5m2 6—10 4mm 2~3mm
10m2 6—10 4mm 2~3mm
20m2 6—14 4mm 2~3mm
30m2 10—14 4mm 2~3mm
40m2 10—14 4mm 2~3mm
50m2 10—14 4mm 2~3mm
60m2 14—18 4mm 2~3mm
70m2 14—18 4mm 2~3mm
80m2 14—18 4mm 2~3mm
100m2 14—18 4mm 2~3mm
120m2 14—20 4~5mm 2~4mm
130m2 14—20 4~5mm 2~4mm
150m2 14—20 4~5mm 2~4mm
300m2 14—20 4~5mm 2~4mm

Structure and 1 performance,, apparatus this make ,form in two spiral passways about the same size by two, two kinds of heat transfer mediums can carry on the whole adverse current and flow , has strengthened the hot result of changing greatly , even two little difference in temperature medium, can up to ideal transferring to the hot result too.
2, the adapter on the shell is adopted and cut to the structure, some resistance is small, because the camber of the spiral passway is even , the liquid does not have great transformation to flow in the apparatus , total resistance is low, therefore can raise the velocity of flow of design to make it possess higher heat transfer ability .
3, the heat exchanger of spiral modes in Chinese operatic music can be divided into PN0.6 , 1.0 , 1.6 , 2.5MPa (the greatest working pressure which can be born in single passway ) according to the nominal pressure. Can be divided into the carbon steel and stainless steel according to the material. User can select according to actual craft situation for use.
4, single TV station apparatus can meet instructions for use , , can make with a lot of set up, use, but must accord with the following regulations while making up : Connect in parallel and make up , connect in series and make up , the apparatus is the same as interval of the passway. Mix and make up : A passway is connected in parallel, a passway connects in series .


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