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Cold hot water aircrew of the air-cooled heat pump

◆ Summary Wind the cooling style cools the warmhearted water ( warmhearted pump ) set is the past few ytars well-developed country of Europe and America the person who stressly develops the air-condition set , that set may together with fresh air-blower , and the air-blower coil awaits to be marked up the semi centralization air-blower coil system , and fixs up agilely in company , and regulates conveniently and Wen Ke of room regulating by means of the wind velocity button , and may cease by self to turn on but does not affect else room .That set widely is applicable to guesthouse , office building , villa , song and dance hall , plant and gear and so on , and else possess the air-condition demand arena That set not only may feed coolly and but also may feed temperature , the engine multiple use , as a result not have to not construct the boiler room , and security but clean , and practice thrift 1/2's full resistance mould heating apparatus electric power . That set adoping air-cooling means was omit cooling water system the absolutely necessary cooling tower , generator room and cooling water pump reaches such piping system , and is to cool in the warmhearted water air-condition installation produce at the moment , and keeps in good repair the easyst engine kind of maintenance.

◆ Composition rule and performance That the warmhearted water set ( 20-100RT ) adopts the module compose is cooled that to wind the cooling style .Takes 20RT as a module base unit ( every one base unit possess two suits of independence refrigeration systems ) , every one basic module wholly possess independence electric to dominate fasting the entire capacity , and may assemble the association wantonly , and the electricity charge systematically joins may the linked together use when compose . It is the transportation , the hoisting and maintenance fixes and the operation is the most convenient that the modularization compose the largest test strong point , moreover is living in the use process may size alternation on the basis of the warmhearted burden of usable floor area but is underway wantonly several modules association reach to cease the engine , this shall cut down the energy consumption greatly , and cuts down the operating cost

 1、 the composition

That the warmhearted water set consists of the below section is chiefly cooled that to wind the cooling style ; The refrigeration system : Seals off that the compressor and heating power swells valve , arid filter , commutation valve and the one-way valve ( alone the mould cooling does not there is not ) completely and stores fluid utensil and wind the cooling style coldly cogulates the utensil and the electrical machinery and wind Ye Zhu fluid utensil and so on ;

The water system is together : Guan Luji awaits by the parts the board-like heat exchanger of brazing style ; Frame : Stainless steel golden composition of plank; Work quality :R22; Control system : Wen Kong button , tall low pressure button , rate of flow button , frost proofing button and electric control does not there is not piece and so on .

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