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◆ Summary The JLK's set air-condition is native corporation designs the development association style air-regulator painstakingly , and haves the meritorious service completely selecting awning provide the agile decontamination air-condition project that may widely be used electronics industry , medicine , chemical industry and exact machine to manufacture professions such as apparatus form and food and so on , and adjust the cozy quality air-conditions such as big-and-middle-sized civil and common structure , hotel , guesthouse and large theatre and so on too exceedingly being applicable . Against native corporation ( JLS ( R ) set wind cools that the warmhearted pump cools that the warmhearted water set coordinates the use may compose into since the constant temperature constant humidity set to bring cool ( temperature ) source of JLK's set air-condition Standard and composition

◆ Standard and composition The JLK's mould set air-condition possess 12 kinds of rated amount of wind .Air handle meritorious service capacity such as that the air-regulator has to filter , becomes cool and the electricity is heated and the vapor is heated and the electricity plus is damp and the vapor plus is damp and the aural null and spouts to trench and so on . Still may on the basis of the design demand in the interest of you supplies necessary other meritorious service capacity length The light character stress heat insulation with filling plank is adopted in the face outside the air-regulator , and matches somebody with somebody with the aluminum mould material frame . That with filling plank through inside and outside two tiers of stuff sticks having shut , and the outward stratum is the high intensity stuff ( like colored plate of galvanizing , aluminum plank , stainless steel plank either ornament plank and so on ) , and the inside stratum is the light character heat insulation material ( glowing quality polystyrene ) , and by means of the automatic forming engine , in the way of high intensity sticks to knit dose to unite two , after adds pressure , mends the edge , turns on the trough , drops the stuff but succeeds plate . The good performance such as sound insulation , fireproof and moisture-proof and so on that plate haves that weight is light and the heat insulation and heat preservation performance is good and intensity is good and better and building transportation portably .The plate is assemble into air-condition set queen against the aluminum alloy mould material , the composition is firm , the external form beautifully generous harmonious , causing man find everything fresh and new , the board-like air-condition of breastwork is the air-condition engine in home and abroad after forms up the fresh leap . Selects ands provide the distinct thickness heat preservation plank on the basis of the amount of wind with the use operational mode moreover , may cause outside the air-condition face does not there is not the knot reveals the anxiety


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