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( fine Long Pai air-blower coil air-regulater sucked up the well-developed technique of home and abroad same's produce , after tests again and again and ascertains by measuring , unite to consider that consumer is living to fix use and maintenance the person who keeps in good repair the practical experience , with ministry JB/T4283-91 act as the standardized rule , continuously improving a systematic produce design modification , causing a corporation produce be living , colleague is in the leading position in the trade .
The air-blower coil consists of that the air-blower and form cools the utensil chiefly and cogulates water plate and electricity charge and air bleeder and so on
The main strong point :
The noise lets drop : The air-blower adopts pair moving forward wind mould and small noise sound roll bearing。
The effectiveness is high : The form cools that the utensil is that the aluminum sheet high efficiency heat exchanger is rund by the copper to introduce from elsewhere string manufacture through the external 。
The dependability is good : Each typhoon engine coil is after the pressure leak hunting over two times , and the electrical machinery bearing not have to not consumer lubricates the maintenance , and the electrical machinery shaft viaes specially handleing not to there is not spoilting by rust apprehension , and the heat preservation adopts entirety to glutinous technology to the water plate press forming , and does not there is not to knit the fruit or leaves anxiety 。
The commonality is powerful : Each typhoon engine plate intake about composition , and yet the field alternaties , and the recirculation air box may be looked upon the field needs through queen ( down ) recirculation air to transform into second ( queen ) recirculation air , in order that joining the wind tube
Air-blower accent utensil circling in the air is the lumping is supplied cold water ( warmhearted water ) and is achieved disperseing the end equipment of air-conditioning system , and widely is applicable to much rooms of great area and the multilayer industry and the civil buildings air-condition project , and still more is suitable for use to be living to require cosy air-conditions of arena acting as such as tranquil guesthouse , high-quality hotel , office building , hospital and scientific research gear and so on to employ 。

The air blower serpentine


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