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Integrative machine of permanent wet purification of constant temperature

It is adopting the decontamination to act as to a man air handle installation against the air-condition that the constant temperature constant humidity that the corporation new pattern is opened up is purified the air-condition to a man engine , it not merely be able to regulate air temperature moisture , but also be able to guarantee such spotless degree , with the decontamination demand to meet the spotless room , since the annex such as may select and provide wide and medley inner place the set and high efficiency filter and plus damp utensil and heating apparatus and so on , the air conditioning cabinet against the tradition is contrasted , and it is little to have the bulk , and the use is portably agile , yet together with the spotless room of fitting style forms a complete system the use , and also may employ by self .

Performance parameter list

JLHW(Rd)20 JLHW(Rd)25 JLHW(Rd)32 JLHW(Rd)42 JLHW(Rd)50 JLHW(Rd)64 JLHW(Rd)84
Unit performance The name refrigeration measures kw 20 25 32 42 50 64 84
Amount of windm3/h 4000 5000 6000 8000 10000 12000 16000
Machine outside -odd presses Pa 400 600 700 700 800 800 800
Power source 3φ-380V-50Hz
In room machine Air feeder type Import or domestically produced various signs gentrifugalism air blower
Condensing water size 4" 6"
Outlook size 1200×950×1850 1500×1150×1850 2200×1150×1850
Unit weight Kg 500 550 600 650 750 800 900
May choose the part Electric heating kw 6-12 18-36
Canada tries to measure kw/h (Wet film type) 3-10 6-20
Highly effective air strainer Bears the humidity superfine fiber 99.99% (sodium flame law) selects and matches when in machine highly increases 400mm
Center effect Compound adhesive-bonded cloth, artificial dust effect 85%
Initially effect New gathers third roasts the textile fiber, 98% (10um pellet)
Outside machine Compressor Imports all seals up the compressor (refrigeration measures above 50Kw when uses 2)
Air blower Amount of windm3/h  800 1000 1200 15000 10000×2 12000×2 15000×2
Power kw 0.37 0.55 0.75 1.1 0.55×2 0.75×2 1.1×2
Quantity 1 2
Connecting pipe size mm Fluid tube φ16 φ19 φ16(2) φ19(2)
Trachea φ28 φ35 φ28(2) φ35(2)
Outlook size mm 900×1100×1450 1650×1150×1480
Weight kg 200 240 300 350 450 550 650
The total output (does not contain electric heating) 11 14 16 18 28 36 40

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